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Monday, October 10, 2005

Travels of Scooter

Here is a picture of one the the scooter clubs members at Rahi, in the Middle East. This is where he spent his summer doing archeological studies. this sturcture is most impressive, if you did not notice that is him on the top of the center pilar. Scooters take you farther and quiter that most vehciles i know. Hats off to you J-
On the other Picture you will see me looking quite disheveled from a 4hour and 30 minute ride from School at ECU Greenville, to Elon College, had to take back roads. And if anybody has ridden on as many North Carolina back roads than i have then they are a Bad Ass. Also i do not take good pictures, especially at night in the rain, makes me look old. but Serenity looks just fine.


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