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Friday, October 07, 2005

So, here is an idea for all those who read or are a part of the scooter community around Greenville/ECU.
A scooter ride to. Uwarihee National Forest, Jacksonville(which would be a pretty boring ride.) the Outer Banks, Topsail Island. All of these places can be reached by taking backroads and highways that have a maximum speed of 55mph. These are just suggestions, if anyone has any other ideas of where to go then just comment. Uwarihee National Forest is one of my favorite places to camp yearound and is far enough away from any towns it proves to be a relaxing place.
Unless of corse you are chased by redneck weilding shotguns, or in a winter storm that freezes your jeep to the surrounds so that when you wakeup just before you go into hypothermea the thought goes threw your mind, did we have beef and mushrooms or vegitarian Lasaugne for dinner. everytime i go to Uwarihee something odd happens and i have an adventure.


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