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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Riding across South Dakota?

If you happen to be driving across SD one day you might see an sign that has the name Wall-Drug, these are everywhere, you can not escape them. well as fate would have it i found a picture of a stella at wal-drug. thanks to the riders of stella for the picture. A great scooter sales and repair book that just came in the other day goes by the name of Scooterworks. let me tell you this is one of the best catelogs i have ever seen, it even has a diagram on the frount so that you can identify vintage Vespas and other close cousins to the Vespa. Oh yeah and ITS FREE!! So order one it can be of great importance.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here are the pictures from below.

Oh yeah, here are a few images/ideas i have had for designs on my scooter, feel free to use them, but give credit where credit is due. It is hard to produce these by looking at otherthings then transfering them to data. Have Fun!

Friday, October 28, 2005

What to do with your scooter?

Today it rained, my scooter sat outside over night, I thought I covered but to my dismay, there was no cover this morning. It is important to use a hard grease to make sure all component of the scooter are properly lubricated and quite free to move about, the most important, brake and clutch cables as well as anything else you can think of, depending on your make and model here should be a picture of some desent quality bearing grease, however you may want to use some kind of waterproof grease if you wish to, it should make no difference in the preformance. Here is something fun to think about, try and think up a theme for your ride, perhaps a paint job, how about a unicorn crashing into a ufo being stalked by a nude women on a motorcycle with a sword, not satisfied, throw a panther in there somewhere. Personally I think black pen art is the best for scooters, something simple, infact you can go to your local autoparts store and pick up some racing strips and cut them to your taste, may designs can be made, somewhere is a picture from Geuine scooters and a racing stripe cut out. have fun. hmmm? for some reason the pictures are not uploading, i will work on that.

Friday, October 21, 2005

EveryDay Life

If one day you are just walking along and you have the urge to run and jump onto a moving train, then do it. It seems that the most fun in life can be had by taking small risks and making a move. But do not try to out run the train to the track crossing, I on the other hand had my part in this. nearly got run the hell over. if i had my Stella it may have been a bit safer but it was still fun. Now with two trips under my belt from home and back I have the logistics of the Stella/Vespa. It would seem that at 45-50mph it recieves about 90 mpg however at 55-60mph the milage drops to apx 80mpg. These figure may be just a little bit off but are close enough for government work. Even though this is suppose to be a site just for scooter I think that it is appropriate to place any info about adventures or anything that might interest people about scooters, yeah it is random. but thats just me. The picture is on a beach from PX-3985 Thanks for sending back the pictures Cptn. S.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The bike shall be Mine

It would seem that you have purchased
the bike before I. remember to oil the
gears, and chain with 3in1 oil.
TO all the viewers this is about an antique
french bike, very nice.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Information about going Cross Country on a Scooter

Here are some things to bring or at least remeber when going cross Country on a Scooter
  1. Take your Time
  2. Take a break for you and the Scooter when you get Gas
  3. Bring Spare Cables
  4. Spark plugs
  5. Tools that you need, (Duct Tape, Pliers, Socket Set, Adjustable wrenches)
  6. If you do not have a rack get one! These are great for stotage, and saveing your back
  7. A repair Manuel, Haynes Manuels I find are the best for working on anything.
Anything you can think to add to this just give a post,

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Out on the Sidewalk, Pigeons to the Moonlight, I’ll be dancing like Fred Astaire

Just wanted to make a post, getting ready for Fall Break, that means 4 hour scooter ride home, and a backpack full of cloths and food.